Acaba de ser lanzada la versión 2.2 de un renovado . Alguna de sus nuevas características son: perfiles dinámicos para los usuarios, administración themeable, clonación de bloques y mucho más.

Aún no es conveniente a esta versión debido a que muchos módulos deberán ser actualizados para compatibilizar con la misma. anunció que lanzará actualizaciones de todos sus módulos durante la primera semana de agosto. WF-Projects también anunció que para este fin de semana puede haber novedades con alguno de sus módulos. Los mismos sufrieron un retraso debido a que se encontraron muchos bugs y decidieron reprogramar muchas partes del cvs. Xoops China ya esta trabajando con una RC del módulo de CBB (newbb) que es compatible con este nuevo Xoops 2.2.

Cambios y características agregadas:

2005/07/21: Version 2.2 RC2
– Fixed registration issues with dynamic user profile fields (Mithrandir)
– Added login name property for a user, so login name and displayed username is now (potentially) differerent (Mithrandir)
– Refinements in PM module (phppp)
– Refinements in Profile module (Mithrandir)
– Refinements in XoopsForm classes (phppp)
– Fixed where comments would not show if the user had no settings for mode and order (Mithrandir/Rowdie)
– Fixed bug in LDAP authentication where configuration values were not fetched correctly (Mithrandir)2005/07/14: Version 2.2 RC
– Fixed hole in XML-RPC for both magic_quotes_gpc on and off (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech, Onokazu)
– Fixed sanitation in Criteria class for both magic_quotes_gpc on and off (Mithrandir/Onokazu)
– Fixed sanitation bug in include/checklogin. (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug in comments, where editing a comment would post a new one
– Removed PHP parsing in Saxparser’s handleProcessingInstruction() method (Thanks to GIJOE)
– Fixed parse error in modules/newbb/post.php
– Fixed sanitation bug in include/comment_form.php and include/comment_post.php (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech)
– Fixed sanitation bug in class/xml/rpc/xmlrpcapi.php and class/criteria.php (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech/XOOPS JP)
– Changed admin.php to fetch news from via Snoopy (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
– Fixed possible XSS hole in redirect_header (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
– Security fixes in pda.php and misc.php (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
– Fixed typos in kernel/object.php (Mithrandir/brandycoke)
– Fixed bug where lostpass.php would not accept emails and send new password (Ackbarr)
– Fixed bug where search result links would be wrong if the item was in #OOPS#ther module than the searched one (Ackbarr)
– Fixed bug in groups admin where it was impossible to add users to a group if the site had 200+ users (Ackbarr)
– Fixed bug with uploading smilies (Ackbarr)Other Additions:
– PM Module functionality expanded (phppp)

2005/05/21: Version 2.1.1
– Fixed bug #970474 – class/zipdownloader.php (Mithrandir/AC-Ibu)
– Fixed bug #1087786 – Can’t #OOPS#ign to $this in PHP5 (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1156510 – Typo Fixes in XoopsObject (Mithrandir/NS Tai, Brandycoke)
– Fixed bug #962025 – Word Censoring Options (Mithrandir/Tom Hayakawa)
– Fixed bug #1168850 – activateUser method is not used in admin panel (Mithrandir/Andrey)
– Fixed bug #1167596 – Hardcoded texts in XoopsObject (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
– Fixed bug #1166354 – image.php – undefined constant (Mithrandir/dave_l)
– Fixed bug #1164226 – improvement in function xoops_refcheck (Mithrandir/sudhaker)
– Fixed bug #1163599 – Big sessions error (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1162290 – The xoops_config (config_id field) reaches its max (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1151930 – index.php – use “require” instead of “include” (Mithrandir/dave_l)
– Fixed bug #1144690 – XoopsFormHidden does not conform HTML rule (Mithrandir/suin)
– Fixed bug #1122854 – cannot be set up version 2.05 of module (Mithrandir/ohwada)
– Fixed bug #1122253 – show notice message when post comment (Mithrandir/ohwada)
– Fixed bug #1120729 – xoops_footer not in default theme (Mithrandir/dave_l)
– Fixed bug #1118908 – 1 html-bug in xoopscodes.php (Mithrandir/frankblack)
– Fixed bug #1098445 – problem with clickable links (dave_l/hthouzard)
– Fixed bug #1083928 – XoopsErrorHandler_HandleError – regex usage (Mithrandir/dave_l)
– Fixed bug #1082042 – Error in parsing date in calendar.js (Mithrandir/puff_daweed)
– Fixed bug #1059216 – gzip compression & php debugging Conflict (Mithrandir/Liquid, WF)
– Fixed bug #1054221 – xoops_module_header can not be cached (Mithrandir/phppp)
– Fixed bug #1020494 – Uninformative error message if admin passwords differ (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1014438 – Admin popup menu when mouse over (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1014408 – XoopsGroupPermForm forms req. sys admin rights to use (Mithrandir/jegelstaff)
– Fixed bug #1011296 – include/checklogin.php calculates a wrong url (Mithrandir/puntoexe)
– Fixed bug #980100 – Variable substitution in db password (dave_l/dcinege)
– Fixed bug #973918 – showImgSelected – Proposed change (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #972552 – stopping install without error message (PHP without mysql) (Mithrandir/snagai)
– Fixed bug #894799 – [] No JS validation of required fields in PM (Mithrandir/masi)
– Fixed bug – Don’t show preferences link to users without permission (Mithrandir)
– Fixed bug #1174230 – wrong formatTimestamp() syntax in formtextdateselect.php (Mithrandir/ZPC)
– Fixed bug #967076 – xoops_version and templates! (Mithrandir/w4z004)
– Fixed bug #1174626 – phpkaox style sheet (Mithrandir/wardick)
– Fixed bug #1196034 – getSmileys (Mithrandir/phppp)

– Added patch #1162913 – xoops_getLinkedUnameFromId (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
– Added patch #1124749 – Module cache and one-column full-screen display (Mithrandir/phppp)
– Added patch #1105492 – CSS for backend.php (system_rss.html) (Mithrandir/ajaksu2)
– Added patch #1099086 – who’s online popup (Mithrandir/banned)
– Added patch #1096514 – Activation of new user (Mithrandir/gibaphp)
– Added patch #1090132 – functions.php, redirect_header (Mithrandir/banned)
– Added patch #1065669 – Slight enhancement to XoopsPageNav::renderImageNav() (Mithrandir)
– Added patch #1052866 – language detection in install.php (Mithrandir/phppp)
– Added patch #989376 – Use REQUEST_URI instead of PHP_SELF generally (Mithrandir/mrmx)
– Added patch #944710 – Extra Cookie for the newbb (Mithrandir/)
– Added patch #912823 – Saving one query per request (Mithrandir/sudhaker)
– Added patch #963071 – Random password generator (Mithrandir/dave_l)
– Added patch #1056514 – SQL Generation Time (Mithrandir/bd_csms)
– Added patch #920059 – XOOPS reports why people can’t login (Mithrandir/Herko)
– Added patch #1181607 – Update jsCalendar to 1.0 (Mithrandir/reddshack)
– Added patch #1181328 – Getting rid of negative information on search results page (Mithrandir/frankblack)
– Added patch #1077123 – Make YYYY-mm-dd default for dateboxes when no date passed (Mithrandir/jegelstaff)
– Added patch #1194690 – Show all required fields in every forms (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
– Added patch #919353 – Permanent selectable theme (Mithrandir/frankblack)
– Added patch #1019464 – Extended renderldap function in class criteria (Mithrandir/pemen)

Other fixes:
– Search block now defaults to searching in current module (Mithrandir)
– XoopsPersistableObjectHandler added, making it much easier making database access classes (Mithrandir)

Fixed rare case, where search results that gave full path would have
XOOPS_URL.”/modules/dirname” prepended – Only relevant for modules that
search other modules (Mithrandir)

– Dynamic User Profiles (Mithrandir/Ackbarr)
– Administration area themeable + new theme (Ralf57)
– Error page when referer is blocked and the user attempts to change content in the database (Mithrandir)
– Configuration categories – modules can now categorise their configuration items (Mithrandir/Malanciault)
– XoopsUser::uname is now used solely for login purposes, real name is used for display on screen (Mithrandir)
– PM functionality moved into a module instead of in the core (Mithrandir/Wanikoo)